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Jan’s Story

So where is your God now? Those were the words thrown at me when just about everything in my life seemed to be going wrong.  My marriage had broken down, I had serious financial concerns, I had a demanding job that required me to be strong in order to deliver services to vulnerable people, along with 3 teenage sons who were themselves finding all of this so hard to cope with and as any parent knows when your children hurt – so do you.

My faith in Jesus had been quite evident to those who knew me and the person who threw the words ‘where is your God now’ clearly did it to hurt me more. But strangely the words had the opposite effect because with absolutely no hesitation I knew exactly where my God was. He was right in the middle of my despair, anguish and pain. He was hurting just as much as I was.

What was so amazing, and to this day I still remember this so strongly, is that despite my world crashing around my ears I felt such a deep sense of being loved and the joy and peace that came with that love was beyond any earthly emotion I had previously experienced.

I know that being a Christian doesn’t mean that everything in my life is going to be rosy – but what I have experienced is that even in the midst of suffering I have not been alone.

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