Small Groups

Relationships are at the heart of the gospel and God calls us into a relationship with him and with each other.

In a church the size of Muxton it is not always possible to develop either of these relationships effectively on a Sunday morning but we do have a selection of mid week groups where this does happen.

These small groups, ranging from 6-20 people meet throughout the week and each have their own special dynamic. All of them explore what the bible means to each of us today, grappling with the questions there isn’t always the opportunity to discuss following the Sunday sermon. All of them offer an opportunity to make friendships within a small group of people and all of them seek to help develop our relationship with Jesus. However each of the groups has their own way of doing this. Some of the groups have more of a social/pastoral emphasis, others prefer to study a little more seriously and others are more passionate about their prayer life.

Members of our congregation that belong to our small groups very much value the support they provide, the relationships that develop and the chance to grow closer to God – and have fun!

If you would like to find out more about any of the small groups at Muxton please contact Janice Stackhouse on 01952 604775 or using our contact form.

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