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9th December 2018

This morning our worship was very different with something going on in church between 8am and 12pm We had two sermons on the reading from 1 John 3. Matthew 9.12.18 Robyn 9.12.18

2nd December 2018

On the first Sundaay of Advent, Robyn talks to us about “Being Sure… Warning and Comforting”  1 John 2:18-27.  

25th November 2018

Heiko talks to us about “Being Sure… A New Way of Living”  1 John 2:3-17 and John 1:6-12.

18th November 2018

John starts our new sermon series on John  and talks to us about “Being Sure… Life and Grace”  1 John 1:1-2:2 and John 1:1-4.  

11th November 2018

Robyn talks to us about ‘Love your enemies’ Luke 6:27-31.