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23rd April

Following our week long Passion for Life we return to publishing the weekly talks. Today David starts our new series on Luke, following readings from Isaiah 53:3-12 and Luke 24:13-31 Listen online  

12th March 2017

Robyn talks to us about ’The Art of Neighbouring’  today looking at ‘The Fear Factor!’.  Luke 7:36-50. Listen online (apologies for the short silence at the beginning of the recording).

5th March 2017

Matthew continues our sermon series ’The Art of Neighbouring’ with ‘The time factor!’.  Luke 10:38-42.    

26th February 2017

John begins a new sermon series ’The Art of Neighbouring’ beginning with ’Neighbouring – literally!’. Romans 15:1-4 and Luke 10:25-29 Listen online.    

19th February 2017

Jon continues our series based on the Acts of the Apostles today looking at ‘Paul’s Testimony before Agrippa’. Psalm 71:14-21 and Acts 26:1-8, 19-23.