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19th November 2017

Jon talks to us about Advent and waiting in anticipation for Christ. Isaiah 40:1-9 and Luke 1:39-49

Remembrance Sunday

On Remembrance Sunday Robyn speaks to us following the reading from John 1: 1-5.

5th November 2017

Today Matthew talks to us about ‘Instructions to Timothy the young leader’  1 Timothy  4:6-16  & John 13:31-38  

22nd October 2017

This morning David preaches on 1 Timothy Ch 2: Instructions on Worship. The recording is preceded by the bible reading.  

15th October 2017

As we approach our second birthday we find out all that is happening with the CAP Debt Centre which is enabling people around Telford to become debt free and hear about Jesus’ love for them.  Mark 4:35-41 .