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21st October 2018

Matthew talks to us about ‘The Holy Spirit’. Zechariah 4:1-10 and John 14:15-20 & 15.26-27.

Sunday 7th October

We welcome David Bute to speak to us this morning on Samson. David works in the Ukraine with a charity called Kreativity. The reading was taken from Judges 14: 1-7


Matthew talks to us about faith being risk taking. The readings were taken from John 6: 43-51 read from the Message and 1 Timothy 1: 13-16 read from the NIV.

23rd September 2018

Our guest speaker Mike Chesterton from Care spoke to us today about the work of CARE and what we can do to help. The recording ran out at the end with ways when Mike explained how you can help. You can find out more about the work of CARE and how you can help at    

9th September 2018

Robyn speaks to us this morning on Faith, the reading is from Mark 9:15-29.